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The Enerstaff Approach – Integrated Services

We bring a multidisciplinary, multimedia approach to each engagement. Our integrated service mix draws on our interdisciplinary staff of equipment and piping specialists, engineers, highly trained field personnel, skilled mechanical and industrial technicians, and management consultants. Every project benefits from our extensive and varied knowledge base of both process operations and environmental health and safety requirements.  We view operational and compliance projects from all angles to ensure that the solution satisfies engineering, production, regulatory, and public relations concerns.

Mechanical Integrity

In today’s competitive environment, a facility cannot afford unscheduled shutdowns. Mechanical integrity programs that incorporate predictive and preventive maintenance programs are thus an essential element of a facility’s operations. With properly designed operational and maintenance procedures, a facility can maximize equipment performance and extend equipment life. This not only improves maintenance budget management, it also allows a facility to operate under ever more restrictive operating constraints.

EnerStaff offers a wide range of Mechanical Personnel, and Composite Repair and Coating Services that focus on the quality, maintenance, and ongoing integrity of critical process equipment. We can assist in the development of a predictive and preventive maintenance program aimed at enhancing the service of any pipe or vessel in any application.  We can also work with your facility to ensure that critical process equipment and components are fabricated, installed, inspected, tested, repaired, and maintained properly.

Composite Repair Services

EnerStaff understands the importance of maintaining assets while eliminating down-time. In doing so, we offer prompt and reliable solutions to keep your pipeline or facility in production. Separate from clamps and enclosures, EnerStaff offers HydraWrap®; a low cost, reliable and long-term solution that complies with ASME and DOT standards. HydraWrap® offers a long-term flexible alternative to welded sleeves or pipe replacement. HydraWrap® can be applied to the exterior of a pipe as a wrap or to the interior as a liner. In addition to pipe; HydraWrap® may be used to extend the life of various structures, tanks, and vessels.  EnerStaff is the exclusive distributor of HydraWrap®.

Hydra Wrap
  • Structurally Restores Piping to Original Design Specifications
  • Complies with ASME PCC-2 and DOT 192.49CFR
  • Extends Service Life of Compromised Assets
  • Repair Corroded or Mechanically Damaged Pipe
  • Fast, Low Cost, and Long Term Solution
  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistant
  • 100% Volume Solids (No VOC’s)

Coating Services

The first line of defense for corrosion begins with coating. EnerStaff offers a wide variety of coating solutions to meet your specific needs. Different industrial substrates require different coatings and procedures. EnerStaff has trained coating inspectors and technicians that can assess and prepare a coating specification, prepare the substrate and apply coatings per specification, and document all supporting actions required by the specifications. Choosing EnerStaff, you can be confident you are receiving a cost-effective solution applied at the highest level of quality and your assets are properly protected from corrosion.

  • Coating Inspection
  • Field Media Blasting and Coating
  • Pipe, Tank and Vessel Linings
  • Secondary Containment
  • Soil – Air Interface Inspection and Repair
  • High Temperature Applications


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