Composite Repair

HydraWrap_logoComposite Repair Services

EnerStaff understands the importance of maintaining assets while eliminating down-time. In doing so, we offer prompt and reliable solutions to keep your pipeline or facility in production. In addition to clamps and enclosures, EnerStaff offers HydraWrap®, a low cost, reliable and long-term solution that complies with ASME and DOT standards. HydraWrap® offers a long term, flexible alternative to welded sleeves and the cut-out and replace method. HydraWrap can be applied to the exterior of a pipe as a wrap or to the interior as a liner. In addition to pipe; HydraWrap may be used to extend the life of various structures, tanks, and vessels.

  • Structurally Restores Piping to Original Design Specifications
  • Complies with ASME PCC-2 and DOT 192.49CFR
  • Extends Service Life of Compromised Assets
  • Repair Corroded or Mechanically Damaged Pipe
  • Fast, Low Cost, and Long Term Solution
  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistant
  • 100% Volume Solids (No VOC’s)

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