On-Line Leak Repair

online-leak-repairOn-Line Leak Repair Services

EnerStaff understands the challenges and uncertainties associated with on-line leak repair services. EnerStaff offers an engineered, cost effective approach to leak repair.  We understand the cost associated with unscheduled plant shutdowns as well as the risk associated with employee health, safety and environmental compliance.  Our Technicians are highly trained professionals capable of assessing the situation, and making the appropriate recommendations as well as fabricating and installing the leak repair device. EnerStaff offers 24 Hour Call Out Service to meet your needs.

  • Drill & Taps
  • Wire Wraps
  • Flange Clamps & Enclosures
  • Bolting and Torqueing
  • Flange Management Program
  • Tank Roof and Chime Seal Repair

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